pnwsmDillercorp has installed docks, pulled & driven piles pnwsmfrom the San Juan Islands to the Columbia River.

Dillercorp Services


Pile Driving - On Land and Water

servicesNew Construction:

We offer new steel piles up to 18 inch in diameter.

Pile Repair:

Dillercorp can generally perform the work without the need to tear apart your dock.

We offer the choice of driving over an existing wood pile with a steel pile.
or setting a steel sleeve over the existing pile.

Drilling - Rock Socketed Piles:

Dillercorp can bore into soft stone such as sandstone and obtain a deep and stable socket for the pile to sit in. These piles are then grouted in place afterwards with a non shrink metallic grout

We offer 3 types of hammers: 

a) 60 Ton Vibratory hydraulic hammer. This hammer is mounted on our 25 ton John Deere Excavator. It can drive piles up to 18 inches in certain cases.  It commonly drives 6 to 14 inch round pile,many types of wide flange and steel, composite and vinyl sheet pile. It easily slices through clays, sand, gravels, glacial till etc. It a quiet hammer and can sink a 12 inch pile 20 feet in less than 3 minutes  .

b) 800 lbs pneumatic hammer. This hammer can drive 12 inch steel and wood piles, Sheet pile and H pile ( wide flange ) and can obtain 5 KIP of force.

c) 150 lbs pneumatic hammer for tight work under structures. This hammer can drive steel and wood piles up to 3.5 inches in diameter including horizontal tie rods for bulkhead anchor systems. It can obtain 1 KIP of force.

We also offer Helical Pile driving as certified Pier Tech pile installers.

helitical aOur 8K planetary driver can easily drive 2 7/8" and 3.5" round helical piles to achieve up to 100 KIPs of ultimate capacity ( soils dependant of course ).

Pier Tech Helical Piles and Tie Backs.

... Whether you are considering building a new house or lifting the foundation of a sinking home a helical pile could offer you a lot of support.  

If your basement wall is bulging or perhaps your seawall the helical tie back might be just what you need.

Both the Helical Pile and the TieBack do not require grout or concrete.  Once placed they are ready for building upon immediately as they do not disturb the soil.  Finally the drive head is very quiet and can be used on the mini excavator or dismounted and used remotely with a power pack.


"First Rate Work"

Tracy and his team have helped us maintain our dock on Lake Whatcom for the past 10 years.

Including many years of nursing along an old installation as well as installing our new floats and a ramp this past Spring.

His work is first rate, and he is always willing to help out with the inevitable things that crop up when water, wind, and wood mix together.

I happily recommend him for anyone considering their waterfront infrastructure needs.



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John B.
Tracy and his team have helped us maintain our dock on Lake Whatcom for the past 10 years. That included many years of nursing along an old installation...

Diving Services


divea) Sunken boat or aircraft retrieval

b) Mooring anchor placement

c) Helical anchor screws set with a planetary drive.

d) Survey of underwater sites.

e) Level 3 ASCE inspection of piles and submerged structures.

f) Underwater water line "foot valve" replacements and new underwater water lines.

g) Underwater debris removal

h) Underwater chainsawing for the removal of large logs trapped under piers and floats.

Dillercorp utilizes SCUBA and mixed gases for enhanced safety under the water.

Pier Services


Dillercorp offers new and rebuilt pier options.

a) Aluminum Piers. These can be wrapped with cedar so the pier has the warmth of a wooden pier but will last for centuries.
The aluminum options can save you money as the number of piles can be less as the spans between piles can be greater than 75 feet!
We offer warren truss design, standard flat section and beefed up flat sections to span a few more feet without trusses.

b) Cedar Piers. We like Alaska Yellow Cedar and you will too!. These are all hand crafted and take time to assemble correctly. Generally we place piles every 20 feet for these piers.

c) Rebuilds and Repairs of existing piers. We know how to make that pier last a few years longer but there are some piers that just need to be retired. Every situation is different.

Floats and Ramps

The business end of every pier is the ramp and float. That is how you get down to your boat, fishing pole or lounge chair.

When you call Dillercorp, expect the best solution.


New Floats and Ramps / Gangways:

Aluminum floats will take a beating and when done correctly can be used in certain salt waters areas as well as fresh water lakes and rivers.
All of our floats are assemble with only stainless steel bolts and screws.
All cleats are 8 inch fold down safety cleats.
All floats come with flip up wide tread ladders.
Bumpers are black or white and are also included on all of our floats
We can deck the floats in most anything you want but we recommend Titan Decking or 2x6 cedar decking.
Our floats are unsinkable! They are equipped with ACE tubs and simply cannot be sunk under there own weight.

Our aluminum floats can be dressed to appear to look like a cedar float. The only difference is that the float will not come apart in 40 years. Ramps can be simple aluminum flat ramps or have one rail or two.

Repair of wooden floats:

Generally wooden floats that are damaged have a lot of unseen damage under the decking. We have specialist that know what to look for. They can help you understand what the problem with the float is and what can be done to restore it to proper function.

The crew at Dillercorp has a great deal of expertise at waterfront projects, They work year round building piers and floats, transporting equipment and supplies, and responding to emergencies when called.